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Hello my dear BFAC friends, 

It's been awhile! I hope everyone is still smiling each day. I just got back from Sicily with my fiancé and went home just in time to celebrate a very special Father's Day with my family. We went to church together and spent time with my Dad at the house. He is doing OK; he is doing a lot actually! He planted a nice veggie garden with corn, beans, tomatoes, all the goodies!  He has an appointment next week with the chemo cancer center next week. They will let us know if he should have the followup chemo that he was supposed to have after the Whipple. I think he should have it despite the doctors being lax about it. At first he didn't have enough strength but now it's been almost 2 months so it should be time now. I don't want to see him going through it again but it may be a good thing. He is taking a form of less expensive Creon we found on Amazon called UltraEnzyme. The Creon is just too expensive for my parents. They are both retired and don't have $200 extra to spend on medicine every 90 days. We tried to get the approval for a drop in tier with the doctor but it seems that this enzyme is working so for now he will stick with it. Let me know how everyone is doing! Hope you all are well! 

Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
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Dear Karen- thank you so much for the update! Your dear Dad has been in our thoughts and prayers, and it sounds like he is doing pretty decent- HOW WONDERFUL! Maybe you could chat with Susan J about her hubby and what they did after the Whipple to help you make your decision easier on what treatment path to take? It's so great to hear from you and thanks for updating us. Hope you Mom and sisters are doing well with dear Dad too.
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PS: Your title reminds of several songs (in addition to the classic you referenced) but also "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry and "Summer" by War - your 'pick hits of the day' from Dr. Johnny Fever
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Glad to hear from you!! Continued prayers for your dad!!
Hi Karen! I'm pleased to hear your Father is doing ok. I think it's awful the way they take advantage of people, even what they charge for Ensure! It was nice to hear also that you managed to get away for a while. Lord knows you deserve it.
Sending you a hug and a big knockout punch to that cancer for your dad...have no advice to offer about this one...just hugs
I am glad to hear all is going well with your Dad. Check on cancer compass also to see what others have done, after the Whipple. I know you were glad to spend Father's Day with your Dad.
So glad to hear the good news about your Dad. I had been wondering how he was doing so was glad to see your update. You all will continue to be in my prayers.
I'm so happy to read this post, as it wasn't that long ago that your Dad was nearly at death's door. What amazing will to live, strength, and stamina he has shown......My hubby had the Whipple on 1/19/10 and began chemo in early March of that year. At that time, his cancer was staged at 2B: the tumor was removed, but not cleanly. He had five lymph nodes that tested positive for cancer (5 out of the 18 that were removed); and the margins surrounding his excised tumor also tested positive for cancer. So treatment decisions were based upon the fact that his cancer was shown to have spread locally. He was put on gemcitibine and capcitabine (xeloda, a pill form of 5-FU) - and this combination bought him a few very good years before his cancer metastasized. You can read all about it in my earlier posts, if you're interested in learning about the nuts and bolts of his chemo schedule, the side effects, etc.
Have a great summer, and thanks for posting. XO Sue💜💪🏽
I have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but the major difference is mine was an endocrine tumor. But my mom had a very long fight with cancer. I know first hand what you are going through. And I've sat on both sides of this thing. Care giver side and patient side. As far as I'm concerned it's much harder being on your side of it than the patient side. The feeling of helplessness is sometimes unbearable. Hang in there my sister and never give up the fight. You are your fathers voice and his strength when he has neither. Hope and prayers sent your way for your dad, you, and your family!!!
I must be receiving everyone's prayers and thoughts because today I feel better. SO THANK YOU! Also I am going home this weekend to visit my Dad!!!! We are planning a fishing trip. :)
A follow-up on this is that CREON IS F&(@#&(@ EXPENSIVE. Correction It's actually $1000 for 90 pills at Wal-mart and my Dad has to take 6 pills/day. Each damn little pill is $8 and my parents can still not afford it! We have tried everything. They make too much money to get help from the pharmaceutical bastards Abvie and too little with Medicare and secondary health insurance to actually afford it out of pocket. I have talked to my friend at the United Way, the doctor (the HI company will lower the cost if the doctor calls in to say they have to lower it a tier...we couldn't get Dr Wolfgang to call in for us. And that UltraEnzyme is CRAP, Dr. Wolfgang said it's basically a sugar pill so I don't recommend it. These are my very thoughts on all of this: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Karen's Dad

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I hate the pancreas! Who thinks about the pancreas??

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Eat your own cruciferous veggies! They can help prevent pancreatic cancer.

Not to organs, arteries are involved: hepatic and celiac axis

Field and Stream gift certificates for my Dad!

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